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Seriously????? A GIF program that cannot open a GIF?????

Oh my LORD, ok I am very very very VERY disappointed. First off in the total lack of specific GIF editors that can do a good job for the Mac when Mac’s are supposed to be graphical computers. It should be plainly painfully slap you in the face obvious a GIF specific editor with a powerful image editing suite should be available for Mac’s. Maybe I am too stupid to find it. Now on to this software. Gif Brewery proports to be a great peice of software for creating gifs with having powerful editing software for frames, framerate, image size, etc. OK…. so it can CREATE gif files, but it CANNOT OPEN THEM and EDIT THEM??? This is absolutely diplorable. You mean to tell me, I can make a GIF from a video, then if I make even one tiny mistake, I cannot open the GIF and edit it and I am forced to completely remake the whole thing from the VIDEO? DODGE THIS until they add GIF opening and GIF editing capabilities. WASTE of money, even if it is the BEST GIF creator in the world, you need to be able to OPEN GIF files and edit them too. I want my money back.


This is just what I needed, I’m surprised this isn’t a more well know app. Perfect for making a gif out of anything (I love the performance and previewing options as well)

Amazing options!

I needed to convert a short movie file of my nephew - my grandmother’s first great-grandchild - to a very strict limit of no more than 50MB to send to her Kindle. This app has so much control over the options, it only took a bit of experimenting to get a good quality gif that fit those requirements.

Great App

Really nice app! I had a question and the developer gave a really detailed response to my question. The UI is great, well worth the money.

The best GIF maker for Mac

I use this to make GIFs for my Tumblr, and this works great! It’s got solid color options (I prefer the Ordered dithering for the look of it) and it even lets you specify the frame rate, which helps keep the file size down when making GIFs. I’ve made nearly 12,000 GIFs with this app, it’s really worth the purchase.

Great Improvements to the Program, but...

I had previously bought Gif Brewery 2 on the App Store, and then I find out that this update was only available at a lower price to previous customers for a certain period of time, which I had just missed out on. What was that about? This has happened to me before (*cough*Mindnode*cough*), with developers abandoing earlier versions of their programs and forcing loyal customers to purchase the sparkly, NEW upgraded program, often with better features. Omnifocus 2 handled this situation the right way: having previously purchased Omnifocus 1, I received the updated Omnifocus 2 at a smaller cost… it’s only fair, right? I guess it’s hard to compare the two iwhen you look at price ($4.99 vs $39.99), but still, there are better ways to go about this and having to pay (again) for a better version of the same app made me a little bit angry. This isn’t a major OS upgrade or anything, just an app. Please, handle things better the next time you decide to upgrade your software. Thankfully, the program has at least improved. In fact, it has improved a great deal. I remember experiencing a lot of frustration using GB 2 with the constant freezing, ridiculous usage of the CPU, etc. None of that is to be found in GB 3. Gone are the seperate (and occasionally disappearing) tool windows and high background usage. The interface is a lot cleaner and everything is easy to find. It is a welcome update to be sure, and I’m happy that all of my previous problems with the program have been addressed.

The best

I’ve tried several free and paid gif making apps and this one makes the best end result product and has the most options for control. Its easy to use too. I wish I had started with this one and not tried to go cheaper.

Really good!

I’m very happy with this app. It’s easy to use, has all of the features I wanted and then some, saves/exports quickly, and just plain works great.

I had higher expectations

I hate paying for apps. But, I can acknowledge that there are apps worth paying for and I really believed this was one of them. Gifbrewery is fine until you try to make a gif with movement. Even the shake of a finger will result in serious pixelation and blur. I have tried to fix this multiple times and it’s happened to me in the creation of at least 10 gifs. I either resort to other programs or abandon what I wanted to gif completely, which is really frustrating. I will admit that I have made beautiful and succesful gifs with gifbrewery, but it is hugely inconsistent and in my opinion, not worth $5.

Can only create

Can output GIF files just fine, using video files as a source. But you cant open other GIFs with this app...? Not a terribly logical choice for feature set.

Still lousy - full of artifacts and moires

Crashes constantly - compresses colorspace regardless of settings - no mater what your settings gifs are loaded with color artifacts and moires. Getting infinitely better results from iOS apps like Video to Gif by Ngo Chien

Produces Choppy Results

The app is fairly easy to use, but it does seem to produce pretty choppy results. Beware if you are creating for professional use! UPDATE: If you import video the results are NOT choppy. When you use the screen capture, then the results are choppy. My solution is using different software to screen capture video, then importing the video into GIF Brewery. Too many extra steps? Yes.

This App Is A Work-Horse!

Firstly, I apologize for the lengthy review. I feel it’s necessary and I’ll TRY to be brief. I’ve been using GifBrewery for more than two years and I’m only just now leaving a review because I think I’ve gotten an extremely good idea of the app and its capabilities/limitations. Is it 100% trouble-free? No. Do I get frustrated at times with its limitations? Yes, of course. No app is perfect, but GifBrewery would have to be the best gif-maker app *for the money* that I have ever used. And to me, it’s worth every penny because I use it virtually everyday to create blog content. Not to be critical, but those complaining that it makes choppy or less-than-impressive gifs probably haven’t used it enough to familiarize themselves with its quirks. If they just took the time to learn how to use the filters and to figure out the frame settings for themselves (not relying on the app’s "Settings Calculator" feature to do ALL of the work), they might just be surprised by the results. All of that said, GB is not for beginners. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist either, but you should at least have a rudimentary understanding of what a gif file is and what goes into creating one. Take the time to learn about frame settings and how to use them. Familiarize yourself with GBs filters, what they do, and how they effect the overall appearance of a gif. It will make a world of difference in the gifs you create. Imho, the only software that makes better gifs is Photoshop, and we all know that PS is very expensive, not easy for novices to use, and even though the gifs you can make with it can be flat-out gorgeous, they are often far too large to post on many social media sites where size limitations are strict. I’d also like to say that Resolven’s support is excellent. When I have had occasion to contact them, I’ve never waited more than a day (and even that was only once, when I contacted them over a holiday weekend) for a reply. Patrick ALWAYS fixes problems in a timely manner or offers courteous suggestions about what I can do on my end to troubleshoot problems. I really cannot say enough good things about this app and no, I do not work for Resolven, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I’ve just been really impressed with the app and wanted to try to help set the record straight regarding some of the negative reviews. If you expect miracles, you won’t find them in ANY tool you choose to use. Not even Photoshop is without its problems. GifBrewery really is the best option if you are on a budget or if you dont have the time/inclination to learn how to use Photoshop. Well done, Resolven! Please keep the updates and improvements coming.

Thanks for offering this amazing GIF tools free!

Have been a long time user and making the new version free is just amazing, and I can recommend this to all my friends.

Amazing Update!

The best is now the bestest! Same old GIF Brewery only updated, streamlined and packed with new features. Try it, youll like it!

The Best, Even Better

The old GIF Brewery was awesome, but this version is way better. It’s got a nicer interface, and some really awesome new features. I love the fact that you can now make screen recordings directly in the app. By far, the best GIF app for Mac.

Could be great if it worked

I was excited to read about this new version of GifBrewery. I love the previous version and use it a lot, and these new features sound great. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it to work at all. It takes a very long time to process gifs, and then it crashes. It doesn’t properly create palindrome loops. There is supposedly a way to edit individual frames but I have not been able to find. This app has a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to a bug fix release. Until then I’m sticking with the old version.

The old version was great. This one is even better.

I am a meteorologist and I use this app to creeate animated and annotated presentation of weather model and real time satellite imgery. The app was by far the best available for taking web or .mov video and converting them into small animations. But the new verion is easier to use and has a greater feature set. Other meteorologists in our company who use Windows have tried to create similar animations but the steps are more complex and the annoation features have them stumped. Improvements? It would be nice to have a separate layer with simply tools to draw straight or curve arrow over the imagery like you can do in ImageWell for static images. Also a video capture tool built right into the app would be great. Lastly they are making a mistake hiding all the best features into drop down menus. So just dig around to fine the great stuff.

Great App!

This app did exactly what I needed it to do with zero issues along the way. Highly Recommended!

Doesn’t Work At All - Will Not Render Video as GIF

Bought this app because it was supposed to be able to convert video files to GIF. I can see the frames of my video in the app. I can see and change all the features of supposed output. But each time I go to save as a GIF, it tells me it cannot find whatever the last frame is of that particular video. Someone clearly put a lot of love into making this app, but it’s going to need a lot more love before it is usable.

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